Occult Made Easy: Tamed Wild’s October “House Of Rituals” Subscription Box

Last year, for my boyfriend’s birthday, I bought him a one year subscription to the ever popular MeUndies. After seeing all the joy that a monthly “surprise” brought him, I asked him if he would gift me my own subscription box service for my birthday. At first I was really leaning towards a bunch of arts and crafts boxes, but Silas put his foot down. He kept on saying, “We live in a tiny apartment, and I don’t want to have a bunch of things you’ll use once and will then end up just taking up space. I refuse to trip over a wood burning kit while trying to go to bed.” After a lot of whining on my part, I finally conceded and continued on my subscription box search.

It was then that I remembered a whole series of spell box subscriptions I had been lusting over for ages. After looking through pages and pages of reviews and unboxings, I finally ended up choosing Tamed Wild’s House Of Rituals Box, and I haven’t regretted it yet.

To put it bluntly, obtaining ritual tools can be really expensive and kinda hard to find. Not to mention, the list of “beginner tools” that float around in so many websites and books can be extremely overwhelming. Some will state that these things are totally necessary, some say they are not at all, and some are really about the “choose your own” method. Now that I’m older, I am definitely a subscriber to the latter. However, as a teen first starting her witchy journey, I was completely overwhelmed.

For those of you looking to start exploring spell work or for those looking to expand, I cannot recommend this box enough. The House Of Rituals Box is a monthly delivery of old world Rituals, Spells, and Prayers or Intentions; leaving it up to you to choose how you want to manifest it. Each box has a Ritual theme with 5-7 items that relate to the theme. They always include instructions for that month’s Ritual and can include items varying from incense, candles, crystals, alter tools, and various other old world tools to help you in your practice.

Although each box does have its own ritual in mind, it leaves it open enough for you to create your own spells or just save the tools for another time. Either way, this box is a great way to start building your own spiritual apothecary.

Without further ado, let’s dive into this month’s box:

Each Box always comes in this really beautiful packaging.

As is the case with every box, included are the instructions for this month’s ritual and a list of the  included ritual tools with short (but informative) descriptions. These are always some of my favorite parts of these boxes because they are printed on this amazing parchment paper and are always this perfect combination of beautiful and witchy.


Depending on the ritual, sometimes the boxes will include additional reading materials. Because this month’s ritual is focusing on divining with spirits and the use of Tarot, the two extra reading materials they included pertained to different types of spirits and basic breakdowns of Tarot interpretation. The Tarot interpretations are only two pages, but the Book Of Spirits is like 20 pages of reading. Its a great way to teach yourself about the magical practices of different corners of the world, and you may just learn about some new spirits/Gods/Goddesses you may want to invite into your space.


Another one of my favorite parts of this box is the fact that they almost always include a new crystal every month, along with a little info sheet describing the properties of said crystal, even if it is in no way included in this month’s ritual. This month’s crystal that was chosen for me is rose quartz, which I was SUPER pumped about. Its weird, because I was literally THIS close to purchasing my own, but Tamed Wild did it for me!


They also included a pretty sizable amount (3 oz.) of incense. This packet is a blend of Hyssop, Copal, Orange Peel, Rose Petals, and Geranium essential oils…and it smells amazing. Imagine yourself walking through an english garden with a cup of rose tea, that’s what it smells like.


Here are all the tools that will be used for this month’s ritual. Those being:

  • Three Tarot cards (each of which have “chosen” me, and that I have been instructed to not look at until performing this ritual)
  • A Tarot cloth that was designed for a three card spread
  • A pocket watch
  • An antique photo
  • Ritual candles
  • Celestial alter tile, to help attract more masculine or feminine energy to your alter. Because the tile I received has a moon on it, I’ve interpreted it as a tool to attract feminine energy.

Final thoughts: This months House of Rituals Box has been my favorite thus far. They really went all out with this October box, and there are so many tools that I will be able to incorporate in my own practices. I’m also a huge Tarot fan, so I’m super into this month’s ritual. 10/10.

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