Favorite Card Series: The Sun

I don’t want to go too much into detail about this, but these past two weeks in US politics (correction: past two years) have made me lose all hope in humanity. So I think we’re in some desperate need for sunshine.  I can’t think of a better card to distract me from the ugliness in the world than the most positive of them all: The Sun.

IMG_2635 (1)

Like, look at that happy naked baby. Just try to tell me you don’t feel a little more joyful looking at him having a great time, riding ponies, and screaming to the heavens in pure elation. We should all strive to be the naked baby. In honor of our lord and savior Gerber Baby, I’ve done something I used to do all the time in high school as a fun addition to care packages I would sent to friends/when I was feeling down: make a “happy list”

  1. Tiny baby kittens
  2. Burned CDs made by friends
  3. Rice and Beans
  4. This short video of a chubby seal
  5. The fact that cats think humans are giant, dumb, hairless cats that can’t take care of themselves, which is why they like to bring us dead things. Because they’re “helping”
  6. Pilot Whales have the capacity to forgive
  7. Bath bombs
  8. Magic
  9. Harry Potter
  10. David Attenborough
  11. Arts and crafts
  12. Two weeks ago a ten year old I was baby sitting thought I was 18
  13. Hot pink eyeliner
  14. Sheet Masks
  15. The company of friends
  16. The color purple (the actual color, not the critically acclaimed book/show)
  17. Musicals
  18. Brightly colored hair
  19. Tarot cards
  20. When my boyfriend buys me soda
  21. Seamless
  22. Sunflowers
  23. The song “Sweet Caroline”
  24. When my parents tell me I’m not as much of a mess as I think I am
  25. ABBA
  26. Mamma Mia the movie
  27. Meryl Streep in Mamma Mia dancing in her overalls as she thinks “I have a million oscars and nothing matters, I’m gonna have a great time.” giphy
  28. Eyeshadow
  29. Crystals
  30. Miniature horses
  31. Feeling hip with the youth
  32. Feeling unhip with the youth
  33. Forming emotional relationships with dogs I meet on the street
  34. Sugar Gliders
  35. Documentaries
  36. Baking
  37. Women’s Wednesdays
  38. Feeling proud of my friends/family and the things they’ve accomplished
  39. My nieces and nephews
  40. Traveling
  41. Sushi
  42. Avocados
  43. Halloween
  44. Elaborate costumes
  45. My beautiful hands
  46. Hippie jewelry
  47. Maxi dresses
  48. Watercolors
  49. Moleskine notebooks
  50. Tina Belcher
  51. Leather jackets
  52. Tofu
  53. Snuggles
  54. Candles
  55. The Meow Mix jingle
  56. Beanies
  57. The fact that Animal Crossing is FINALLY COMING TO THE SWITCH
  58. Meditation
  59. Washi tape
  60. The smell of a food truck in the distance

Feeling happier? Because I shockingly do. I should listen to teenage Tori more often. Everyone should make a happy list, I feel oddly lighter.

IMG_2635 (1)

Keywords: Unbridled joy, positivity, warmth, achievement, liveliness, vigor, inner-child

Imagery*: The Sun card shoves its positivity right into your face. A giant radiant sun sits in the sky, representative of all life and energy on earth. Sunflowers bloom in the background, representing loyalty, positivity, love, and long lasting relationships. In the foreground, a young naked child sits atop a calm white horse with his arms outstretched towards the sky. His nakedness shows that he has nothing to hide and is bursting with the innocence of childhood. The position of his arms show that he is open to everything the word has to offer him. The white horse is a symbol of purity, strength, and a sense of calm.

General Interpretation:  Although I do try to stray from labeling cards as “good” or “bad”, The Sun is undeniably the most positive card in the Major Arcana. It is representative of success, enthusiasm, and a love for life. It serves to remind us that no matter how dark things may seem, there is always a bright-side. The Sun is here to remind us that we should joyfully embrace and celebrate the adventures our lives hold in store, whether they be big or small.

When you’ve been going through a rough patch and The Sun appears in your reading, it is the most welcome bit of news you could ever ask for. The Sun is here to tell you that the clouds have finally cleared, and now you can finally be your best self. You’re feeling confident and you know exactly who you are. Not only do you know who you are, you actually love who you’ve become. You can take comfort in the fact that no matter what, everything will work itself out in the end.

The Sun connects you to your inner light. You can feel it bursting from your chest, and all you want to do is show the world your true and authentic self. Take this time to offer some sunshine to anyone you think may need it, you have so much to go around! And you know what is the best way of inviting even more happiness into you life? Sharing it with those you love and reminding them that there is always a bright light at the end of the tunnel

In a more practical sense, The Sun represents a time of new found energy. You’re really ~*feeling yourself*~ and you’re filled with the confidence to pursue anything. You’re feeling one with everyone and everything, enjoy this time and bask in the love around you. Feel free to get a metaphorical tan: much like how a tan serves as a reminder of sunshine and summer, acknowledging our sources of joy make it easier to remind ourselves of the good times during moments of darkness.


*Keep in mind these are interpretations of my preferred deck, the Golden Universal Tarot Deck. Images in this deck are based on the Raider-Waite imagery. Even though many cards in this deck are extremely similar to Raider-Waite, they still contain some differences.





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