Favorite Card Series: The Queen Of Wands

You know how there was this person when you were in school who always seemed to have the exact image you wished people had of you? They may have been a few years older and you never really got to know them outside of their social media presence, but you were convinced they had the life you longed for. From what you had been able to gather during your 2am Facebook stalking sessions, they appeared to be cool, confident, opinionated, and intelligent. Everyone either loved them, were in love with them, or wanted to be them. Then one day you get paired with them for a project and you’re pumped. FINALLY you have a chance to steal their secrets for obtaining a flawless and extremely photogenic life.

At first it’s pretty awkward: you’re nervous which is causing you to not be able to form a proper conversation, which then causes you to try to emulate the kind of person you think they would find interesting. And then, upon their realization that you don’t really know who the hell Bon Iver is after you referred to them as “one of your favorite solo artists” when in reality they are actually a band that just happened to give themselves a name that immediately makes you think of a viking wearing a beanie, you start to panic because you think you’re ruining your ONE SHOT AT BECOMING PERFECTION.

A few more days pass and your shame eventually dissipates. You’ve begun to actually act like a normal human being, which then causes your cool-girl idol to warm up to you. Now that they’ve fully realized that you’re not a pathological liar who is plotting a single white female take over of their life, the cool girl begins to open up. They tell you funny stories from their childhood, comments about how their parents suck because they don’t get their art, and references these “totally lame” parties, parties you wished you had been invited to but had only experienced through their Facebook albums. And although you’re enjoying their company, you begin to see things you hadn’t originally noticed. Yes, they are confident, but to a point of stubbornness, which is a real annoyance when it comes to a group project; a project where the dynamic has suddenly shifted from a group effort to a self-proclaimed leader giving you forceful instruction. Their unbelievable ability to know the album history of every pitchfork artist is impressive, but they turn their nose up at your (misguided) music recommendations because your favorite band is “whiney garbage, no offense.”  The shiny gleam of their vintage photo filter begins to fade, and you see that they are actually just a human with human flaws. They may be better at hiding it than others, but they’re there. This isn’t to say they aren’t nice, they just aren’t the ideal image you had built them up to be.

You hand in your project and get a B+. The two of you part ways and your relationship is now at a cordial level, you could even say that they’re a friend. You say hi when passing each other in the halls, and, thanks to the kindness of your former cool-girl idol, you even get invited to those parties you had only been able to watch from afar. And it turns out she was right, they were pretty lame.

Well, that’s basically my relationship with the Queen of Wands. She’s confident, vibrant, and determined…basically everything anyone would want to be. But underneath the sheen of any idealized figure lies a completely normal, flawed, human being.

Does that make sense? Probably not. But you’re still reading, so I guess that means my insane ramblings must have been somewhat entertaining.

Now that we’ve gotten that oddly specific dive into my teenage years out of the way, let’s take a closer look at our cool girl queen.


Keywords: Kindness, confidence, likable, energetic, enthusiastic, determined, stubborn, aggressive, demanding.

Imagery*: A beautiful and kind faced queen sits upon a golden throne. In her left hand is a sunflower and in her right a blossoming wand, symbolizing fertility, idealism, happiness, and fulfillment. Although she is generally a symbol of positive things to come, there is one creature who looks a bit out of place: the black cat at her feet. The cat helps to represent the Queen’s independent streak and hostility. If you’ve ever had a relationship with a cat you know that they can turn from purring fuzzball to mini panther of death in seconds. The symbolism of the Queen’s cat has had many different interpretations (and you are free/encouraged to make your own), but my belief is that he is a symbol of her more aggressive tendencies. His small size indicates that her aggression is manageable and outweighed by her more positive characteristics.

General Interpretation:  The Queen of Wands is the exuberant female leader of the fire suit. She is a powerful natural born leader, and she doesn’t mind a good challenge if she believes it will help her get what she wants. She indicates you are an upbeat and charismatic person, and your drive and positive energy is welcomed by those around you.

The Queen lives a fast paced and exciting life. Her achievements inspire others and she is more than willing to give you a good dose of confidence when you need it. She asks you take some chances and instills within you the courage to take on creative endeavors. She’ll fill you with artistic energy and the boldness to openly express yourself without fear of rejection.

But, behind every great person is a dark-side. She can be stubborn, causing her to completely burn-out when something is not going exactly her way. At times she is sneaky, aggressive, demanding, and unaware that her goals may not be shared or understood by everyone. Unknowingly she will say things that cause you to feel inadequate, but a few moments later will give you the highest compliment. She is NOT someone you want on your bad side, but she is definitely an asset to any team. She’s the friend that delivers masterfully crafted verbal smack-downs to anyone who dares to mess with her clique.

*Keep in mind these are interpretations of my preferred deck, the Golden Universal Tarot Deck. Images in this deck are based on the Raider-Waite imagery. Even though many cards in this deck are extremely similar to Raider-Waite, they still contain some differences.

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