Favorite Card Series: The Moon

Ah, mother moon. How I love and fear thee.

LOL. Well, that’s one way to start a blog post.

Whenever I get the Moon in one of my readings I simultaneously feel comforted and attacked, much like one does when spending time with their real mothers. It’s the card most heavily associated with my astrology sign (double Pisces with a Scorpio rising, so you KNOW I’m insane) and its message is one I regularly need to hear, so much so I have the Raider-Waite moon image tattooed on the back of my neck. I particularly resonate with the message of acknowledging anything I’ve been burying in my subconscious, or as I’ve heard some reference as “the shadow self.” I am the queen of “not going to think about it” and the Moon is there to tell me “NOPE NOPE. GOTTA DEAL WITH THINGS OR YOU WILL EXPLODE.”  Am I usually happy to hear this? No, because feeling things can be hard. But it’s also necessary to deal with things in the present, otherwise those things you’ve been burying will come back more powerful and ready to destroy.


Forgive my shoddy framing job…it’s somehow my roomies cat’s fault, I SWEAR

Keywords: The subconscious, illusion, confusion, anxiety, intuition, repressed emotion coming to the surface, release of negativity, the shadow-self

Imagery*: The Moon card shows a giant, glowing, full moon gracing the night sky and is placed in-between two ancient towers. The moon is a symbol of femininity, dreams, intuition, and the unconscious. Although the moon is full, it still does not provide the same kind of light as the sun, causing you to have to rely more on your intuition to continue to follow the path you have chosen.

Below the moon you will find two dogs. One is fearfully focused on the moon in the sky and the other calmly focuses his gaze on the water that lays immediately before him. The fearful dog represents our subconscious fear while the calmer of the two represents our ability to ignore our “shadow-selves” in an attempt to focus on the present.  A crayfish is gently crawling out of the water, representing the beginning of the subconscious joining the present.

General Interpretation: The Moon represents past fears and anxieties making their way into your present. These fears manifested during a time where you were either unable or unwilling to process these negative emotions, causing you to bury them in your subconscious. But just because you buried that sucker does not mean you killed it. Those buried emotions are kinda like zombies: even though they’ve been hiding underneath some dirt, all it takes is one nuclear apocalypse for them to rise from their graves and start munching on your brain. OK, maybe that was too graphic or just plain weird, but you know what I mean. Or maybe you don’t. For those of you who don’t speak “rambling of the insane”: The longer those negative emotions stay buried, the stronger they become, eventually causing them to break through your subconscious walls and spill into your everyday life. To remedy this take some time to try to heal. Be that through meditation or even something as simple as keeping a journal, whatever allows you to actually just sit and process your thoughts.

The Moon can also represent a time of general confusion and warns against making rash decisions. This card appears in a reading to tell us to place importance on our gut feelings and to let our intuition take control. Although you should acknowledge your fears and apprehensions, you cannot let them hold you back. Allow the world of dreams and intuitive thought to put you on the path to greater understanding and give yourself time to interpret the situation at hand.

Sometimes when the Moon appears in a reading it’s to tell you it’s time to get a little ~*witchy*~. Check-out what phase the moon is in and gather a group of your nearest witchy friends/people who will deal with your shit and get naked to dance under the moon! Or you could just light some incense, do some tarot readings, and get crunk. Although I can’t promise that your night still won’t end with you being naked, drunk, and consequentially arrested for public nudity in Central Park, I can guarantee that you will be left with a night where you can tell people about how you really “found yourself.” It may have been in the back of a cop car, but you still found yourself somewhere.

*Keep in mind these are interpretations of my preferred deck, the Golden Universal Tarot Deck. Images in this deck are based on the Raider-Waite imagery. Even though many cards in this deck are extremely similar to Raider-Waite, they still contain some differences.

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