5 Beauty Gurus I Obsess Over

If you are somewhat keyed into the beauty community of YouTube or a connoisseur of finely aged drama like myself, you are probably more than aware of the recent and massive implosion (and possible downfall?) of some of the sites most popular and well known content creators.  Although I consume YouTube drama with the same amount of enthusiasm as a fairy-tale witch bathing in the blood of virgins, it’s always upsetting when your favorites turn out to be *not* so great. Thankfully, a majority of my favorites have not had anything too horrible come to the surface. I think. If they have, please don’t tell me because ignorance is bliss and I don’t want to have my favorites ruined.

Actually, if they are a child murderer or something of the like, do tell me. I don’t want that on my shoulders.

ANYWAYS. If you are looking for some new Beauty Gurus to love, how about you check out some of my favorites?

1. Violette_fr

The master of effortlessly beautiful style, Violette is the cool french girl we have all dreamed of becoming. Her videos are a high-end fashion spread come to life, and she utilizes unique spaces for every video she posts. There are few things more relaxing than watching someone casually do a full face of makeup in the middle of a Park Slope Cafe.

2. PONY Syndrome

Although the channel’s name may cause you to assume that it is a My Little Pony fan page, Hye-Min Park’s channel is one of the top beauty channels coming out of South Korea. If you are interested in Asian Beauty products and are not scared off by subtitles (don’t be, her videos are extremely well-made and easy to follow even if you don’t understand Korean), you should definitely check out this channel. Being a breath of fresh air in a Western dominated platform, Pony creates beautiful looks while also providing you with techniques that have not yet been popularized by western content creators.

3. Wayne Goss

Do you wonder why you makeup cakes-up no matter how hard you try? Does the thought of attempting to contour shake you to your very core? No need to fear! Wayne Goss is here. Being an extremely talented and accomplished makeup artist, Goss will teach you some of the tricks of the trade he’s gathered during his extensive career to help you take your face to the next level.

4. Glam&Gore

If you’re looking for amazing makeup transformations with a good dose of the macabre, Glam&Gore (also known as Mykie) is a channel whose before and afters will  leave your jaw on the floor. Although her recent videos have been leaning towards more easily attainable looks, the real heart of her channel lies in the intense SFX makeup tutorials. Do I have any idea how to even begin to attach a silicone nose? Absolutely not. But I will spend the entirety of the month of October convincing myself that I can toooooooootally work with prosthetics while being white wine drunk on Halloween night.

5. LipstickNick

The artist behind some of Jeffree Star’s most iconic looks, LipstickNick will cause you to question if your blending abilities are actually trash. Although her own channel is quite sparse, the videos where she has been featured on Jeffree Star’s channel really showcase a master at work. Are you looking to be hypnotized by never ending blending? LipstickNick will inspire you to use that hot pink shadow you have not *yet* been brave enough to use.

Who are your favorite Beauty Gurus? Do we share any favorites?


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