Beauty Products I’m Lusting After, But I’m Too Broke To Buy

Hi, my name is Tori and my makeup preferences have made me POOR.

OK, OK, I’m exaggerating. I can still feed myself and have a roof over my head, but me buying 5 neutral eyeshadow palettes that all have the same brown orange shade has really effected my outside spending habits (ie I can’t have Seamless every day because I keep on buying $20 eyeliners and LIFE IS UNFAIR). So, in an attempt to try to curb my spending habits, I’ve become a professional internet window shopper. Has it worked? For sure. Am I sad that I still don’t have everything Sephora carries? Well…duh. But I’ve already gone over this…life is CRUEL and UNJUST and REFUSES to give me the world.

Honestly? It’s rude.

Are you longingly looking at your Sephora wish list or trying to make the very hard decision as to when to spend all those Ulta points you’ve been hoarding? Allow me to make some suggestions, we can lust after them together.

1. A Purple Toned Highlighter Palette


Pictured above: Anastasia Beverly Hills Moonchild Glow Kit, Lime Crime Hi-Lite Angels, Jeffree Star Platinum Ice Pro Palette

This one is a particularly sensitive subject for me. Let me set the scene: It’s February, I’ve realized that my constant need for micellar water has actually benefitted me, and I have accumulated the equivalent of $35 in Ulta points. I had been staring at the ABH Moonchild palette because I am a sucker for marketing and I am more than ready to adopt the title of “Moonchild”. I ended up talking myself out of it by telling myself that I would probably never end up using purple toned highlighter, and it would probably look out of place on my face. Well, JOKES ON ME. I now have purple hair and have been tailoring a majority of my looks to coordinate with it. Since dying my hair, not a day has gone by without me thinking about these suckers. You would think that as time passed, I would get over it…but instead I just started lusting after every single highlighter palette with a purple theme. Once I have enough funds saved up, you better believe that I’m going to be a sparkly, purple toned, moonQUEEN.

2. Anastasia Beverly Hills Soft Glam Palette


This is probably the item on my list that I need the least, and yet want the most. Do I have basically all of these shades in the other 4 million eyeshadow palettes I already own? Absolutely. Do I care? Absolutely not. The Anastasia eyeshadow formula is *perfection*, and I can go from swamp witch to Glinda in a super short amount of time thanks to the easy blend-ability of their shadows. I’ve given myself a very specific limit on this one: Until I’ve hit pan on at least 4 shades in one of the palettes that are currently in my collection, I am not allowed to make any eyeshadow related purchases.

It’s been hard, but I’ve kept my cool. However, if I suddenly fall into a bunch of cash…

3. Anything From Pat McGrath Labs



The first time I heard about Pat McGrath labs, I was casually stalking the Instagram profile of someone who went to my high school who’s Instagram page also happens to be ON POINT. As I was scrolling her Insta feed, I stopped on an artistic makeup vanity shot. There was a palette there I had never seen before and she had tagged Pat McGrath Labs, so I decided to check it out. But upon seeing the prices of the items I was most intrigued by, I quickly clicked off in an attempt to save my bank account. It worked for a while…but recently I’ve been going on their site more and more, and I cannot stop watching their collection never ending blinking eyeball gifs. Its hypnotic, sparkly, and is steadily brainwashing me into giving them my pin number.

4. Algenist GENIUS Liquid Collagen


I received a sample of this little bottle of joy and everlasting youth in my one of my recent Sephora Play Boxes. It smells amazing, it solved an intense dry skin issue I had been dealing with all summer, and a small amount of this product goes a very long way. The downside? It runs for the easy, breezy price of $115. I keep on having to tell the same lie to myself over and over: “Maybe next month…maybe next month”

Next month will never come, because I need money to support my many other annoying habits, like “eating” or “paying rent”

But…maybe next month?

5. Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder


One of my best friends introduced me to this product, and I have been day dreaming about it ever since. When she first showed it to me, I was a bit skeptical. When you are looking at this product in the pan, it looks pretty shimmery, and although I love a good dose of highlighter, I was expecting this product to make me look disco ball chic. Not to mention, whenever I try to use setting powder, I end up looking like a cakey mess (I’ve got to be doing it wrong…). But my friend insisted that I needed to try some of hers out, and once I did I fell desperately head over heels in love with this stuff. It smooths everything out, sets your face like a champ, and basically achieves the same effect as the “attractive face” filter on Snapchat (minus the anime eyes).

10/10, would consider stealing from my friends again.


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