Beautiful Witches: My go-to brands that make me feel magically clean

One of my favorite trends that has invaded the beauty and fashion sphere is the “millennial witch” aesthetic. Crystals and astrology charts are becoming a regular addition to the millennial 20-something starter pack, and I’m LOVING it. Basically, you can dress anything up with some moon phase art, slap a crystal on it that will help to totally ~*balance me out*~, and I will throw all the money I have or (more often) don’t have, so I may proudly proclaim “I AM A MYSTICAL BITCH”

Indie beauty brands really shine when it comes to adding some sorcery to the mundane. They can turn any bath into a spell, or ward off any evil eye while keeping your BO in check. Whether or not you believe in the power of bath time, almost anyone can agree that bath products with a unique vibe can really turn everyday self-care into an event. Want to get both your body and your aura clean? Check out my three favorite bewitching brands:

Witch Baby Soap


I’m starting off with a bang with my personal all-time bath product company, Witch Baby Soap. I discovered Witch Baby Soap back in 2016, when I was developing a bath bomb problem (ie addiction) and had become completely bored with what Lush had to offer. After watching a weird amount of bath bomb demos on YouTube (it’s a really weird internet rabbit hole that I 100% recommend), I set my sights on Witch Baby.

This. Stuff. Is. The. Shit.

Every purchase I have made from Witch Baby has been amazing. From tarot card soaps to body scrubs to help break hexes while exfoliating, Witch Baby Soap is my go-to brand to make me feel like the coolest and cleanest witch I can be. To anyone who treats Halloween as their Christmas: you will be OBESSED with their Halloween collection.

Products to Check Out: The Quarterly Spell Box, where you get exclusive bath bombs specifically curated to each full moon cycle. In addition to their full moon bath bombs, this subscription box also includes samples from whatever new collection they are about to launch. If a subscription box feels like too much of a commitment, I’d suggest trying out a bath bomb from their permanent collection. My personal favorite is their Dragon’s Blood bath bomb, it smells like what you think a high powered occultist should smell like. If that’s confusing, buy it, smell it, and try to tell me that wasn’t your first thought. I DARE YOU.


Fat and the Moon


Anything + Moons = my empty wallet. Luckily for me, Fat and the Moon fits into my moon mother aesthetic without making me go completely broke. Coming from a long line of herbalists and natural healers, Fat and the Moon founder Rachel Budde created a company that focuses on natural, hand made, herbal body products that will work for any all-natural beauty queen.

Products to Check Out: The Deodorant Cream. It’s all-natural, actually combats sweat, and makes you want to constantly take whiffs of your armpit. If you have more sensitive skin, like yours truly, I would suggest their Sensitive Pit cream; it’s the same great product, just slightly tweaked to be suitable to those who may be sensitive to baking soda or essential oils.


The White Witch Parlour goddess_bath_salt_1_e7c9d271-0a69-44b7-a87a-2d4256eebbcc_grande

Are you interested in adding some magic to your beauty, but branding that leads to a darker aesthetic kinda makes you nervous? Then let me introduce you to the White Witch Parlour. Great for beginners looking to add a cosmic punch to their baths, White Witch Parlour clearly lists the magical intent of their products while being all about ~*good vibes only*~

Products to Check Out: Goddess Bath Salts. Great for a cleansing salt bath and is recommended to those looking to “Increase intuition, enhance dreams, and fostering creativity.” And it wraps you up in comforting, rosy goodness. What’s not to love?


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